On SD 50012.18, the Manticore was involved with the destruction of the starbase. Admiral Pita had taken command of Manticore when a group of ships from Traalfam tried to attack the starbase. Due to a bizarre series of events, a Traalfam ship was disabled and shot wildly in the fight. The wild shot hit a freighter carrying an illegal shipment of Dilithium. The explosion destroyed the freighter, the Traalfam vessels and the starbase itself.

It turned out that Pita was actually a Traalfam changeling. He escaped the Manticore's brig and was able to take over the ship from the Battle Bridge. He transported a second changeling aboard and was taking the ship out of the system at high warp, so the Manticore crew manually ejected the dual warp cores while the ship traveled at Warp 9.8 In retaliation, the changelings shut off life support to the Bridge. The Bridge crew were near death when Security launched the two fighters, who turned and fired on Manticore, blowing a large hole in the back of Deck 9 to open the Battle Bridge to space and save the crew.