On SD 50808.18, the Manticore was deployed to an edge of Federation space as part of a Black Ops blockade for a possible invasion. Unusual readings, similar to a wormhole, had been detected and the Federation Council wanted to be ready for any new enemy attack. Manticore found out that the spatial readings were a gigantic, naturally-occurring wormhole when when it got pulled into it and ended up in the Andromeda Galaxy, over two million light years away. Manticore found the planet of Qin-A, inhabited by a number of strange species, including the Qin. A landing party was attacked by some of the more aggressive species, but the Qin, a tall, bird-like species, helped the crew and saved the lives of Jami Farrington and Ritah Lowen. They also helped the Manticore crew restart the "celestial dance" of the wormhole, by using harmonics and a focusing a beam of sound on a crystalline mountain. On SD 50812.01, the Manticore flew through the wormhole and back in the standard galaxy, the Manticore flew, out of control and smashed into a Sovereign-class ship back at the blockade.

The blockade ships surrounded Manticore and Adrian Wolfe, of the USS Babylon, transported Atragon-9 from Manticore for "questioning" that left him with partial brain damage. After finding out that A9 was telling the truth after all, the blockade ships towed Manticore to Starbase 9 for repairs on SD 50901.07.