On SD 49901.11, the Manticore was called to the Beria system to aid the USS Martha Stewart as its experimental use of a variant of the old GENESIS device to stablize Beria-7's graivitational imbalance has caused the problem to become worse. The entire population of Beria-7 was sedated and transported to Manticore's dorsal module ("stacked like cord wood") while the Martha S scouted for a likely replacement planet for them. One was found on Tenterak and Manticore set off to deposit the sleeping cargo. On the way, the ship was waylayed to a nebula and encountered an unknown energy force/beings. Due to the delay, the Berians were revived and placed in the Holodecks to keep them from suffering from too much sedation. The energy beings merged with the Berians and the new, combined, people were finally dropped off on Tenterak on SD 49903.15.