On SD 49911.15, the Manticore was sent to find out why the Ceti Alpha V outpost had stopped transmitting. It arrived to find no planet, just an orbital belt of planet-sized debris. We encountered a huge disk-shaped object there and it fired on Manticore, nearly destroying us. Our last hope was to use a transverse gamma sine wave pulse from the main deflector dish and this succeeded in knocking the disk out of the sky and it crashed down onto Ceti Alpha VI. An away team found the disk still functioning and a fierce struggle ensued.

On SD 49912.20, the Manticore, seriously damaged from the orbital attacks, suffered irrepairable damage as it was rigged for one last barrage on the disk on Ceti Alpha VI. Following the destruction of the disk, the stress fractures and hull breaches became too much to withstand and the entire crew transported down to the surface. Setting up dermacrete domes, the crew went about the basic steps of survival on an alien world. After a month on the surface, the crew was rescued by a duplicate Nebula-class ship that was even christened the NCC-5852 (Black Ops doesn't want it known that one of their special ships was lost).