49804.27 - Launched from Spacedock 18.
49805.04 - First mission was to Arna VI, to help the population against a centuries old, and returning, energy beast.
49805.25 - Dock at Starbase 18, transfer the body of the XO, Adam Vern, from Manticore and welcome Sovak, the new XO.
49806.08 - Arrived at Salgar with the assignment of stopping the Salgarans from trading with the Jem Hadar.
49806.29 - Encountered the USS Andromeda, a tri-nacelle Galaxy-class ship that was experimenting with Liquid Anti-Matter.
49807.20 - Docked at Starbase 222 with the badly damaged USS Andromeda.
49808.03 - Starbase 819 was destroyed by a particle ship that could reform to any size and shape. Manticore was assigned to defeat it/them.
49809.28 - Docked at Starbase 36 for R&R.
49810.05 - Arrived at Arasmus IX to try and set up a new Federation embassy.
49811.02 - Departed Arasmus IX with trade discussions open between the Federation and the Arasmusians, but the embassy plans on hold.
49811.09 - Docked at Special Ops Station Omega and picked up a portable Black Hole generator that was then deployed on a Dominion shipyard.
49812.14 - Engaged in war games in the Argosa Sector.
49812.28 - Docked at Starbase 45 after completing the war games with the USS Revere in the Argosa sector.
49901.11 - Arrived at Beria-7 to assist USS Martha Stewart with a gravity experiment. Manticore had to relocate Berians to Tenterak.
49903.15 - Placed the populace of Beria-7, who had merged with energy beings, on their new home, Tenterak.
49903.29 - Docked at Starbase 126 for R&R and restocking. This is where we picked up a Dorsal Module with an active cloaking device.
49904.26 - Arrived at Brynner's Planet, or HoloWorld.
49905.24 - Docked at Starbase 306 where Manticore's brig was enhanced.
49905.31 - Left Starbase 306 and headed for Remulak Base with a special prisoner.
49907.05 - Docked at Deep Space 9 to rendezvous with the USS Republic and follow it, under cloak.
49907.26 - Followed USS Republic to Sector 27 where they found and destroyed a planetoid causing ripples in space/time.
49909.06 - Docked at Starbase 9 for repairs to a warp nacelle in Sector 27.
49910.18 - Began assisting the USS Feynman in a covert op to help a faction of the Breen.
49911.15 - Arrived in the Ceti Alpha system to find Ceti Alpha V destroyed.
49912.20 - In order to destroy an alien disk ship, Manticore was destroyed as a weapon. The crew lived on Ceti Alpha VI for a month.
50002.07 - Docked at Starbase 243, in the new Nebula-class ship that has been re-christened the NCC-5852.
50002.14 - Arrived in the Cupid's Bow galaxy in search of a Dyson's Sphere.
50002.21 - Found a Dyson's Sphere, containing three different civilizations of "Zelazny" inside.
50005.08 - Arrived at Outpost 918 to discover why it had stop transmitting. This led Manticore to Xerxeria VI and Koresh Branch.
50007.31 - Departed Utopia Planitia with the USS Farragut to fight the planenoid vessels using mass drivers on Sector 001.
50008.21 - Docked at Starbase 9 for repairs after fighting the planetoid vessels.
50009.18 - Arrived at the Yad system to watch a star go super nova.
50011.13 - The USS Carpathia answered Manticore subspace beacon and helped Manticore's science team break the biological bubble from Yad-4.
50011.27 - Docked at Starbase 18, after the crew returned up to normal size, the shrinking caused by the biological bubble.
50012.18 - Encountered the Traalfam and, along with Admiral Pita and a wild shot on an illegal shipment of Dilithium, Starbase 18 was destroyed.
50103.05 - Docked at Starbase 63 in order to repair major damage done to deck 9, as the fighters had to destroy our own Battle Bridge.
50103.12 - The crew seemed to age 15 years and were being convinced to help the Mah against the Gobu, revealing the secrets of the Planet Killer.
50105.07 - Sim-In-A-Box.
50107.09 - Towed to Starbase 9, for major repairs following the encounter with the Mah. Consul General Jaffe steps down for the first time.
50107.16 - George Melville becomes Consul General.
50107.30 - Manticore obtained deployable Ablative Armor and Interphasic Flechette Torpedos and provided Monocular Phasers and Personal Cloaks.
50108.13 - Towed the USS Replicant, an Akira-class vessel with a dead power plant, to Starbase 90.
50109.03 - Arrived at Risa to take part in a gathering of ships to honor Kratli's admission to the Federation.
50109.17 - Towed the USS Garnet to a repair base at the beginning of the conflict with the Toran'ir.
50109.24 - Manticore set up and deployed a modified Tholian web around Starbase 123 in the conflict against the Toran'ir.
50110.08 - Patrolled around Renaissance Station and obtained intell from the USS Illustrator on the Toran'ir.
50110.29 - Joined Task Force 510 in the Gusta Nebula in the Romulan Neutral Zone.
50111.05 - Destroyed a Toran'ir communications relay and ship.
50111.19 - Joined Task Force 110 for the final assault on the Toran'ir.
50111.26 - Docked at Deep Space 18 for repairs following the encounter with the Toran'ir.
50112.03 - Arrived at Ydam, a barely warp-capable society being hostile to other groups.
50201.14 - Rendezvoused with the USS Yalta, a Federation diplomatic ship, to resolve the Ydam political issue.
50202.04 - Docked at Starbase 126 just prior to wargame exercises.
50202.18 - Colonel Hesse of Starfleet Intelligence came onboard Manticore to monitor wargame exercises and, actually, to sabotage the ship.
50203.18 - Docked back at Renaissance Station for a debriefing with Consul General Melville.
50204.01 - Ship was stripped of all Black Ops materials and relegated to being a deep space repair and retrieval ship - a tug boat.
50204.15 - Towed the USS Smirnoff to Starbase 108, after it lost power in a nearby sector.
50205.20 - Ordered to tow a non-working galaxy-class ship, the USS Overrated.
50205.27 - USS Overrated explodes while being towed by Manticore.
50206.03 - Majority of crew forced to relocate to Omicron Sigma 9, while remainder attempt to repair extensive damage.
50208.05 - Crew returned to ship after repairs were complete.
50208.12 - Docked at Starbase 9 for more complete repairs. George Melville died and Elaine Jaffe became Consul General again. First sim on STSF.
50209.30 - Engaged the USS Acushnet, Consul General Melville's personal dreadnaught following Melville's unusual death.
50210.07 - USS Acushnet was destroyed by a quantum torpedo fired from a Manticore fighter.
50211.18 - Arrived at Citadel 18, to investigate weapons testing beyond the local population's normal development.
50302.10 - Departed Citadel 18, leaving the "clean up" of Colonel Kurtz to the USS Babylon.
50302.17 - Docked at Starbase 108.
50305.05 - Deployed the Planet Killer on Proxima Centauri to destroy a nano-tech swarm weapon.
50305.19 - Docked at Maturin Station for resupply and repair.
50307.07 - George Melville returned from the dead, his cortical stack in a human "sleeve." He was in Romulan space, trafficking in Fed resources.
50309.15 - Docked at Starbase 108, following a battle with six Romulan warbirds.
50310.06 - Crew was deployed, undercover, as dock workers at Starbase 108, to discover the source of a smuggling ring.
50404.26 - Arrived at Mars' Ganges Chasma to investigate strange energy pulses.
50407.26 - Sovak was taken over by the S'aar, a Sopho-Technology, and he commandeered the ship and seemed to take the ship to a distant planet.
50501.10 - Encountered the USS Hawk, at the Wolf 359 Commemoration, which was part of a plot to foment alien resentment in the Federation.
50504.11 - After the USS Hawk's failure, the USS Liberator attempted to destroy a meeting of the Federation Council at Starbase 1.
50505.09 - Towed to Starbase 9 for repairs. This is when the base was designated as a permanent base for the ship.
50508.08 - Consul General Jaffe staged "an attack" on the Fed. Council meeting to test the ship's readiness - Atragon-9 removed from Command.
50509.19 - Arrived at the Olyoxynfree Sector to search for the USS Marco and USS Polo that had gone missing.
50512.12 - Docked at Starbase 9 following the encounter in the Olyoxynfree sector.
50602.13 - Arrived at Nede Prime for "Social Deterrence" to keep them pre-warp capable.
50604.24 - Returned to Sector 001 with the USS Babylon to expose Consul General Jaffe's plots against the Federation.
50605.08 - Docked at Starbase 1, where the crew all moved to the station.
50606.05 - Elaine Jaffe was removed as Consul General, by order of Inspector General Stephan Morris. The ship was mothballed.
50606.26 - USS Manticore, NCC-5852-A was commissioned and headed to Tanemo-9 to investigate a Klingon torture camp.
50607.24 - Arrived at Tanemo-9 and found a Klingon Torture camp and the wreckage of the USS Exeter.
50610.09 - Arrived at Starbase 36, with USS Exeter crew members and an unknown plague that affected both crews and the base staff.
50611.20 - Once the plague was identified and a cure was discovered, Starbase 36 was no longer under quarantine and the ship was able to depart.
50612.04 - Strange occurences on board were traced to Croatoan Gremlins living onboard who were disturbed by the Cremorian spiders in Science.
50702.26 - Docked at Starbase 27 for R&R, it is where Dr. Zwicky came onboard Manticore for the dark matter experiments.
50703.18 - Dark matter "Scoop" was installed in the dorsal module.
50703.26 - Arrived at the Caprica Quasar Nebula to study dark matter at the event horizons. This made the crew travel in time to other Manticores .
50708.27 - Rendezvoused with the USS Copernicus and Dr. Emmet Brown to remove all dark matter materials from the ship.
50710.08 - Holo-matrix beings were discovered to be living in the ship's computer core. They almost destroyed the ship and did take over Atragon-9.
50801.07 - Sovak shot Atragon-9 in the back, to break the grip of the holo-matrix beings on him and the ship.
50802.04 - Docked at the rebuilt Starbase 18.
50802.11 - USS Manticore and ISS Manticore swapped places in an Ion Storm.
50804.28 - Another Ion storm, returned the USS Manticore and ISS Manticore to their proper mirror realities.
50805.05 - Docked at Starbase 90 for R&R.
50805.26 - Arrived at Negen Prime to investigate a new Fed colony under attack. The attack was later found to be by Black Ops ship NCC-31415.
50807.21 - Met the USS McCoy and delivered all Negenese patients and data on Negen Prime, on order of Admiral Windom, Chairman - Joint Chiefs.
50808.18 - Deployed to a blockade against an invasion through a wormhole. This led the ship to the Andromeda Galaxy.
50812.01 - Returned from the Andromeda Galaxy, into the waiting arms of the blockade ships, including the USS Babylon.
50901.07 - Following intensive questioning of Atragon-9 (torture) by the blockade ships, the ship was repaired of all damage at Starbase 9.
50901.26 - Inspector General Morris offered the crew the chance to stay at the base rather than take part in a very dangerous mission.
50902.02 - Atragon-9 was transferred to the USS McCoy for treatment for his brain damage and Sovak was put in command of the ship.
50902.16 - The ship entered Romulan space, under cloak, to "accidentally lose" a confidential dorsal module (contents unknown) at Romulus.
50903.02 - A Black Ops team, hiding in the dorsal module with the Romulan Scout Ship, died of radiation poisoning, the crew took up the mission.
50904.06 - A landing party, altered to look like Romulans, landed on Romulus, using the Scout Ship; their mission was to help cure a plague.
50905.18 - After helping the Romulans cure the Echococcosis plague, the team barely made it off the planet, being pursued by the Tal Shiar.
50905.25 - The Scout Ship suffered a mechanical failure and was unable to make it back to the cloaked Manticore for rendezvous.
50906.01 - Atragon-9, having been rehabilitated and returned to duty, flew a runabout, solo, deep into Romulan space to return to the ship.
50906.08 - Found the foundering Scout Ship just as their air supply runs out and made a circuitous return to Federation space.
50906.29 - Made it out of Romulan space and docked at Outpost R-6, at the Federation edge of the Neutral Zone.
50907.20 - Arrived at Risa for shoreleave.
50908.31 - Sent to find out why the peaceful planet of Oppo was suddenly registering no lifesigns when there were billions of inhabitants.
50909.14 - An away team sent to Oppo was captured by a group of gigantic robots, intent on using the team for memory storage or support.
50909.21 - Disobeying an order from I.G. Morris to return to Earth with the newly-discovered sensor-neutral material, Atragon-9 mounted a rescue.
50911.23 - Thanks to Science's discovery of a weakness in the new alloy and using a computer virus, assault teams rescued the away team.
50912.14 - Having returned to Earth, Atragon-9 assumed I.G. Morris would remove him from command for refusing his direct order.
50912.21 - The Federation Council eliminated the position of Inspector General and reinstated the Consul General post, filled by Councilor Yendis.
50912.28 - The Federation Council created the Special Operations Wing and placed the Manticore as the Flagship of the Wing.
51002.01 - The Special Operations Wing met together at Maturin Station for the first time. They were Manticore, Babylon, Pensacola, and Carthage.
51002.15 - Arrived at the non-Federation world of Atarxis, in search of Science officer Turris Moran, in the stolen Cerberus.
51003.01 - Followed the Cerberus to an uncharted planetoid, surrounded by a superior security field and home to Cold Station 9.
51003.15 - Turris Moran and the Cerberus were recovered; Admiral Locke and his ship, the Anaximander, were taken into custody at Cold Station 9.
51004.05 - The scientists freed from Cold Station 9 began to morph into human-amphibians and it started to affect Manticore crew, as well.
51004.12 - The ship self-quarantined near Starbase 801 as the disease spread through the crew. The Carthage quarantined itself and CS-9, as well.
51005.03 - Sci and Med found that a combination of irradiation of the crew and bio-filtered internal transports was able to stop the disease.
51005.24 - At Maturin Station, new CG Avery Frost told Atragon-9 about the assassination of CG Yendis by the Arcturans.
51006.14 - Armed with the Quantum Cannon on the dorsal mount, Manticore departed Maturin Station for a covert mission into Arcturan space.
51007.19 - The main shipyard turned out to be 5 shipyards together. Manticore, Wyvern and Griffin destroyed 3 before they were run off by the enemy.
51008.09 - Limping home, we encountered the scene of a battle. Some of the wreckage includes pieces of the Manticore with DNA traces of ourselves.
51009.13 - Science verified that we had slipped into an alternate Universe back when we first heard of the war. This explained the duplicate Manticore.
51009.27 - Using the Quantum Cannon and slipstream technology and locating the Ion storm that sent us, we hoped to return to our Universe.
51010.04 - We returned to our Universe, got repaired at Maturin Station and even met with CG Yendis, who was not killed in our "reality."
51011.15 - Fully repaired, we headed deep into Federation space to find the USS Coxeter, a ship testing the Hexacosichoron 600, a Tesseract Drive.
51101.03 - We found the Coxeter, after passing by a 5,000 meter wide "cloud" of metallic spheres. When we hailed them, they ran from us.
51101.31 - The Coxeter had tested their Drive and inadvertently destroyed another ship - Manticore. Once again, we weren't back in our Universe.
51102.28 - The Coxeter's crew installed the Hexaco engine on Manticore (removing the nacelles), we hoped we could make it back to our Universe.
51103.14 - Captain Hermann Weyl sacrificed his life to power the alien artifact at the heart of the Hexacosichoron 600 engine and brought us home.
51103.28 - The Special Operations Wing towed us back to Maturin Station (the Hexaco engine's geodesic sphere did not provide standard propulsion.)
51104.18 - We left Maturin Station for the Badlands, to retrieve and destroy Special Ops probes that had been left behind.