On 50612.04, Manticore took on a shipment of Cremorian Barking Spiders. These spiders have four legs, are one meter across, are bright green, have a scream that can paralyze a human, spit acid, and excrete a "sweat" that has beneficial medical properties. They were housed in large transparent aluminum cages in the Science lab and seemed to be of great interest to M.C. Escher of the science department. They caused some trouble with the Croatoan Gremlins onboard, but that was insignificant compared to their actual reason for coming on Manticore. On SD 50703.18, Dr. Gerhard Zwicky of SF Science came aboard to perform dark matter experiments. A dark matter "scoop" was installed in the Dorsal Module of the ship and it emptied into the spiders' cages. It became apparent that the spiders didn't actually have any healing powers, and were simply adept at manipulating Dark Matter. The Manticore was ordered to help Dr. Zwicky with these experiments.