On SD 50703.26, the Manticore came to the Caprica Quasar Nebula as part of the Dark Matter experiments of Dr. Gerhard Zwicky. By flying very close to the event horizons of this Quasar cluster, the ship should be able to collect a high concentration of Dark Matter in the Dorsal Module scoop and then Zwicky can see how the Cremorian Barking Spiders can manipulate this material for the betterment of Science. Being as near to the event horizons as Manticore was, caused the crew to experience space/time incongruities. First the crew was back in the 19th Century Earth, on a sailing ship called the HMS Manticore. They then jumped to the 32nd Century and were in deep space on a mind-controlled spaceship also called Manticore. The next jump put the crew on the 20th Century sea-faring battle ship called the USS Manticore. Yet another jump put the crew into the 28th Century and on the Manticore, NCC-5852-T. It turned out that the crew was not actually traveling in time, but the Dark Matter was producing a pscyho-physiologic framework that affected all on the crew. On SD 50708.13, with the use of anti-chronitons, the crew was able to break free of the framework and the event horizons. The experiment was a failure as it resulted in the death of the spiders and Dr. Zwicky. The Manticore later encoutered the USS Copernicus, an Excelsior-class ship, and Dr. Emmet Brown, of SF Science. They removed all the special Dark Matter gear from the ship.