On SD 50002.21, the Manticore found a Dyson's Sphere in the Cupid's Bow galaxy. The ship entered the sphere by an invitation of the "People of Zelazny," and was promptly fired upon by the "People's Empire of Zelazny." Escaping both groups' attepmts to tractor the ship, it flew to the far side of the sphere and found the "People's Hierarchical Imperium of Zelazny." It found a starship trophy area with hundreds of ships attached to pylons and it was clear that Manticore was to be the next trophy. Each of these "groups" was actually a hyper-developed brain controlling vast areas of the sphere's inner surface. After attempting to use old ship engines from the trophy ships, we were able to kidnap one of the Zelazny entites and use it as a bartering chit to let us leave the sphere. Atragon-9 nearly died from exposure during the escape (prompting the promotion of Sovak to Captain and Jami Farrington to Commander).