Elaine Jaffe was the Federation Consul General for many years, including those leading up to the launching of the Manticore. She was the sole contact on the Federation Council for Atragon-9 and she was responsible for sending the Manticore on its missions during her tenure on the Council. She retired on SD 50107.16 and was replaced by Melville, for a short time. Following his mysterious death on SD 50208.12, she returned to the post.

On SD 50508.08, she tested Manticore's crew readiness by staging an "attack" by unknown forces on Starbase 9, during a Federation Council meeting. Many of Manticore's crew were placed in mortal danger and, after it was all revealed to be a test, Atragon-9 faced her down and struck her, in front of the rest of the Council. She removed him from command and placed Sovak in charge of Manticore.

On SD 50604.24, following the "social deterrance" on Nede Prime to keep them from attaing Warp capabilities, a plot is revealed that showed that Jaffe wanted to cover her own tracks, helping Nede Prime with Warp technology and finally getting Atragon-9 out of the way. She had ordered Captain Wolfe and the USS Babylon, to destroy Manticore. Luckily, he was persuaded to wait and was shown her complicity in the entire scheme. The Manticore and Babylon head back to Sector 001 to turn over their evidence against Jaffe. Her excesses of power being revealed, she was removed as Consul General, under the direction of Inspector General Stephan Morris, and A9 was returned to command, but the Manticore is moth-balled on SD 50606.05 and he had no ship to command.