George Melville was the Federation Consul General from SD 50107.16 until his death on SD 50208.12, and he always held a grudge against Atragon-9. Elaine Jaffe was the CG both before and after his tenure. Melville used to be a high-level operative in Black Ops and had once been the supervisor of Megan Cummings while she was working at the Lincoln lab on Prioxima Centauri. Megan was the former love of Atragon-9, when he was a junior officer in Black Ops, and A9 thought that she had died at Lincoln, but she had herself altered, physically and mentally, to become Margaux Roget. Melville had tried, repeatedly, to implicate A9 in conspiracies and plots, but he was never able to make the accusations stick.

On SD 50202.18, the Manticore was enroute from Starbase 126 to wargames when an alien ship carrying Colonel Hesse of Fleet Intelligence intercepted us and demanded to come aboard. Shortly after his arrival on Manticore, a series of unexplained failures occurred onboard, including a sulfur leak in Sickbay, both warp cores becoming unstable and a hull breach in Engineering. The ship was pulled from the wargames and ordered to Renaissance Station for repair and debriefing with Consul General Melville, who is Colonel Hesse's boss. Following the debriefing, on SD 50204.01, Manticore was stripped of all of the Black Ops functions and capabilities and relegated to the job of being an actual space tug.

Finally, as he was dying of an incurable disease (SD 50208.12), he arranged a meeting with A9 where he impaled himself on a knife that A9 was holding, so that it would look like A9 had stabbed and killed Melville. It took many months for A9 to clear his name of that charge and some on his crew still wonder if A9 had finally cracked under the pressure and decided to kill Melville, just as the evidence shows.

Melville resurfaced (SD 50307.07) because his last project was the development of a "cortical stack" that allows a person's memories and personality to move between tank-grown, null bodies, known as "sleeves." He was tracked to Romulan space where he was trafficking in stolen Federation resources.